Our most evocative memories of our childhood are from the kitchen – the smell and the sounds of mother making food.

Ban Khun Mae which means my mother’s house in Thai, brings back this evocative experience with all the richness of authentic thai cuisine.
Each dish is prepared fresh in front of you with the choicest ingredients.

Whether chilli-hot or comparatively bland , harmony is the guiding behind each dish. Thai cuisine is a marriage of centuries –old Eastern and western influences harmoniously combined into something uniquelyThai.

The distinctive ingredients including lemongrass Kefir Lime (both that leaf and the fruit), Galangal (Ginger family), basil and nam pla , a very aromatic and strong fish sauce made from dried and pickled anchovies, add to the melange of exotic flavours that so beautifully teased the palate.

The true essence of the cuisine can be experienced only by appreciating its lightness , its heat and passionate aroma, long before it arrives at your table.

Chef Thanawath from Thailand brings with him passion for quality, creativity, innvative style and the culinary flair of ethenic Thai cooking.

Along with his team of Thai chefs, they have created an extraordinary array of distinctive dishes, from pleasantly mild to intensely spicy, that are sure to tantalize your taste buds.
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